Monday, January 12, 2009

We All Must be Crazy in our Own Way

In the midst of single digit temperatures when most people are cuddling by the fire or enjoying powder on the slopes (okay, we do that too...) Aaron has decided that fly fishing should no longer be a summer sport in the Bell house.
He has also made friends with a fly fishing guide who has shown him how to tie his own flies. This helps pass the time out in Wendover for him anyway. To be honest I kind of doubted the anticipated effectiveness of his new "skills" when I first heard of this endeavor. But considering flies cost anywhere from $1 to $3 a piece I decided to indulge him anyway.
First time out 2 weekends ago was a disappointment. Picture negative temperature, ice completely filling the eyelets of the rods, and ice sheets floating in the river. There Finn and I sat on the bank huddled next to each other humoring Aaron's adventurous side. Not too long after I stepped up to drop a fly in the water Finn fell through some ice. Long story short we ended up all running soaking wet to the car as fast as we could. Poor Finn's hair was a solid sheet of ice.
Skip to round two... this weekend.
This time we were a little more prepared. Although squeezing 5 layers of long underwear, a down coat, and a ski coat under a pair of waders falls much short of what anyone calls fashion. I think the analogy Aaron used to describe me was "you know those wrestlers that compete for world's strongest man on ESPN that have HUGE upper bodies and tiny legs..." yeah, so sweet honey. Thanks.
But we spent about 4 or 5 hours on the river. Aaron caught 3, and I caught 1, all on flies that Aaron tied himself! Wow. Pretty amazing. Added to that we got to hang out with some cool friends and enjoy some sunshine.
I love that Aaron always manages to keep things interesting.
Not to mention I earned new pink line for being such a trooper.
But now we both have colds.