Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ragnar-Nar and Other Goodies

I have to start out by mentioning that my mom is pretty much the coolest person alive and also my hero. Last weekend she rocked the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race. If you aren't familiar with this, it's a huge run for teams of 12 people that goes from Logan to Park City - up and down mtns. - about 190 miles. Each runner takes 3 legs of the relay ranging from 3 to 9 miles. She had one of the hardest legs on her whole team, and she averaged less than 8 min. miles the entire race. Basically it's a really big deal. Like I said, she's amazing.

Here are the pics to prove it.

Warming up for her final leg - so cute

Stretching out

You would not believe how she was passing EVERYONE on her route

I ran a few hundred yards along side her to keep her company

Aaron's #1 weakness... Little kids' lemonade stands - he ALWAYS has to stop

Handing off at the finish line of her final leg

Aaron got out and ran along side her too for a while on her run from the top of Snow Basin down to the bottom of Trappers Loop. He was in flip flops and my dad and I got in the truck and left him. He ended up running about a half a mile. He could not walk the next day. Once again, the Bells are NOT runners!

Way to go mom! We are so proud of you!

Besides runner extraordinaire, my mom is also one of the most talented gardeners ever. She, my niece Bug (Melissa), and our cute neighbor Sierra came over to help me get my drip system all set up for my garden. How sweet.

My pretty garden and garden helpers

Mom and Bug setting up the drip hose - and my pretty tomatoes

Bug (the tall one) and Sierra - they are the same age - I know what you are thinking... yes Bug gets her height from me

Pretty tomato plant nice and warm in his wall-o-water

And FINALLY, the weekend before last our friends Casey and Alexis came up to visit. Aaron and Casey fought a rain/hail/wind/thunder storm all day Saturday. But they stuck it out in their float tubes at the lake and also in 2 different rivers. Sunday we got up bright and early and were on the river by 6:30 am. It was one of the prettiest scenes ever with fog laying low on the river and everything was so peaceful. We were finally able to bring in some fish that morning and return back for breakfast by 9:30. What a good time with good friends!

Aaron in heaven

Casey landing his first fish on a fly rod

It turned out to be a monster hahaha (can you even see it there in the picture?) but it didn't matter, we were ALL so happy just to be out there

Thursday, June 18, 2009

All This Baby Stuff is Confusing... And Expensive...

Okay everyone. I know you ALL have experience with babies, either your own or someone you know. (Unless Aaron is reading this, he is the only person I know with ZERO or a negative number baby experience.)

SO, in the midst of gathering/registering/stocking up I have come to realize there is a TON of stuff out there. Most of which I am HOPING is useless or unnecessary. This is where I need your help! What are the BEST things you purchased that you could not have survived baby without? What was absolutely a ripoff or not needed or crap? Include BRANDS! Would you please leave me a comment listing some of your favorites? (Or for the babyless - what you have HEARD are people’s favorites!)

What do I absolutely NEED before Baby B’s arrival? (The books’ lists are pages long, and you can’t possibly need ALL that stuff, right? They must secretly be receiving kickbacks from Babies R Us…)