Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Anniversary Batman

WOW! Yesterday marked 3 whole years of being married. I can't even beleive that! We celebrated Friday night (kinda, as in gave each other presents) since Aaron would be in Colorado on our actual anniversary. Let's see, highlight of the anniversary for me? It would definately have to be using Sue Sansom's wrapping room with a dedicated ribbon section. Hightlight for Aaron? Probably going into the largest Costco he has ever seen. At least we have something to improve on for next year.

Well, we had a whirlwind weekend trying to fit everything in. Thursday I had to work but afterwards I went up to the ranch to be with my family. We were supposed to go to the parade (I was actually excited about this...wierd) but we ended up at the vet in an emergency. Friday Aaron flew in-4 hours delayed-and following some quick family time and a "children's parade" Saturday morning we headed up to Flaming Gorge to go camping/boating with some friends. It was SO nice to get away and definately worth the drive.

Regret from the weekend: Not taking a fishing pole to the Gorge.
Lesson learned from the weekend: We need to invest in those crazy recliner camping chairs. What we are looking forward to next weekend: Heber Skate Park Grand Opening.

This is ONE of the wounds on Wheaties' leg. The better of the two actually. Hello Frankenstein.

Kirsten's FIRST time on a horse! She LOVED it. The only time she cried is when Aaron took her off. She is the cutest niece ever!

Aaron wakeboarding on Flaming Gorge. He did amazing, esp. considering I haven't seen him wakeboard since, um, ever?

Finn playing Alligator.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here Goes Nothing-

Yeah Yeah, so I don't really know what I am doing with this whole blog thing. But I figured it's time to start giving it a try. Just an update, Aaron is still in Colorado. He completed his job in Sterling and has moved on to Littleton. Hopefully he will be home for good within a month. Meh. I hate being home alone. On weekends when Aaron can't be home, his boss has been flying me out there, which is nice if you enjoy flat, ugly, desolate terrain, Super 8 Hotels less than a mile from State Penitentiaries, and hot slave labor. J/K I am just happy to see Aaron. His excavator is pretty cool though and took us out boating on his new boat, so that broke it up a bit. Otherwise it's been a pretty uneventful summer. We DID get our sprinkler system installed last weekend which was a HUGE accomplishement! Now we can more effectively water our weeds. We will have to wait a little longer until we can actually get grass in (re-build the landscape savings account). In the meantime I am just trying to enjoy bachelorette time with my best friends!

Here are some pics... (Oh, did I mention that Aaron buzzed his hair while out there?)

This is at Sterling Reservoir. The "beach" was covered in mullets, beer bellies, and biting fire ants!

MMMmmm BEEE-KAAAY BRRROOOILLLER! This was mid-way through the project. Doesn't it just make you crave a Whopper?

Enjoying some time with the girls. Don't say it... I look like a jailbird, Whit is pretending to be Jello, and Ash is practicing for her America's Next Top Model Audition. (No, Seriously...) j/k I love these girls!!!!!!