Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here Goes Nothing-

Yeah Yeah, so I don't really know what I am doing with this whole blog thing. But I figured it's time to start giving it a try. Just an update, Aaron is still in Colorado. He completed his job in Sterling and has moved on to Littleton. Hopefully he will be home for good within a month. Meh. I hate being home alone. On weekends when Aaron can't be home, his boss has been flying me out there, which is nice if you enjoy flat, ugly, desolate terrain, Super 8 Hotels less than a mile from State Penitentiaries, and hot slave labor. J/K I am just happy to see Aaron. His excavator is pretty cool though and took us out boating on his new boat, so that broke it up a bit. Otherwise it's been a pretty uneventful summer. We DID get our sprinkler system installed last weekend which was a HUGE accomplishement! Now we can more effectively water our weeds. We will have to wait a little longer until we can actually get grass in (re-build the landscape savings account). In the meantime I am just trying to enjoy bachelorette time with my best friends!

Here are some pics... (Oh, did I mention that Aaron buzzed his hair while out there?)

This is at Sterling Reservoir. The "beach" was covered in mullets, beer bellies, and biting fire ants!

MMMmmm BEEE-KAAAY BRRROOOILLLER! This was mid-way through the project. Doesn't it just make you crave a Whopper?

Enjoying some time with the girls. Don't say it... I look like a jailbird, Whit is pretending to be Jello, and Ash is practicing for her America's Next Top Model Audition. (No, Seriously...) j/k I love these girls!!!!!!


WHIT said...

Totally sweet lindz! You're right, I do look like Jello.

Heather said...

I LOVE this shirt on you! serious! you look amazing! I am soo glad you found my blog! yay! So much fun! thanks for writing me! it is soo good to hear from you! i hope you are doing great! i LOVE that you have a blog too! now, we can keep in touch! YAY!

Heather said...

WAY crappy that you are home alone too! i totally hear you! it is soo lonesome!