Monday, April 27, 2009

True Foresight

I got home from work today to find a package on my front porch. This could only mean one thing... Aaron had been shopping online again.

However this time it was truly an inspired purchase. I hesitantly opened the box (expecting something to do with flyfishing) to learn he ordered me a "surprise". New shoes.


I am confident that if I am wearing these with my shorts- no one will even notice I'm wearing my TEDS!

Thanks Honey!


Well we have almost exactly 3 months left to go. Things are going perfectly except for the fact that she still has no name. 2nd trimester was a breeze had it not been for my weakened immune system which literally kept me sick for 2 of the 3 months, including 6 different antibiotics. Yuck.

Last week I had to make a 9:00 pm run to the hospital for a fetal non-stress-test. Everything turned out just fine. On the upside I had another ultrasound in which we were able to determine 100% without a doubt that she is definitely a girl. And it was a nice run through of the hospital scene. So not a total bust.

Today I had a routine Dr. appt. and upon evaluation of my rapidly growing and alarmingly protruding varicose veins I got a prescription for these super cool things:
Yep, your grandma's T.E.D hose. I am supposed to wear these things for the remainder of the pregnancy. Seriously. Now, before you scoff, I will say this. They have probably come a long way since your grandma's first pair. They now come in 3 awesome colors to choose from: "wearing rolls of paper white", "trying to be nude but really looks like brown paper sacks brown", and "no light source is getting through these puppies black". Lucky me. If it's any indication of their fashion status, I actually have a prescription to buy them at my pharmacy. Woot.

Other than that, there is nothing new to report at all! I am just trying to figure out what I am going to wear for 9 days in Hawaii. And NOW, how am I going to rock the TED hose on the beach. I guess if you look at them at the right angle they sorta look like lingerie? Nope.

Anyway, here is a belly bump update.

Finally, on a totally unrelated subject... the dogs got a mini makeover by Aaron and a red Sharpie Saturday night. Alta got some new super cool comma shaped eyebrows. And Finn got a gentlemanly Frenchman's mustache. Finn was utterly psyched on his new mustache. He pranced around and even sat on his doghouse which he only does when he is feeling especially spunky. Then Aaron decided to draw a face on my belly. I graciously declined. But he can be very persistent. So i gave him VERY strict guidelines to follow if I were to allow him to draw a smiley face. He didn't follow ANY of them. So Sunday night I sat there scrubbing red permanent marker off along with the top layer of skin using rubbing alcohol because I remembered I had a Dr. appt. today. I will spare you those pics for now because truthfully the face turned out scary looking.

He Will Work for Food

For a few weeks now I have been stressing out about starting on the baby nursery. However Aaron always has different plans for the ENTIRE weekend, including but not limited to: skiing, fishing, throwing BBQ's, fishing, skating, and, um, NOT working on the nursery. Somehow I either pinned him down or guilt tripped him into doing some work around the house for almost the entire weekend! (Don't feel too sorry for him just yet, he will be on vacation for the next 3 weekends.)

He got the lawn mowed, built a rock retaining wall, and installed wainscoting in the baby's room. All in all it was an extremely productive weekend. We are waiting for his dad to come paint the room this weekend. Here are some before and during pics of the room in progress. Next week hopefully it will look totally different with all the paint done! So exciting.


Hard at work


After. Well, for now. There's still tons to be done but hey, it's progress.

And this was my little project when I wasn't helping Aaron. This was my rocking chair when I was little and the idea is to sand and refinish it. It took me almost as long to sand it as it took Aaron to do all this woodwork. Go me.