Monday, April 27, 2009


Well we have almost exactly 3 months left to go. Things are going perfectly except for the fact that she still has no name. 2nd trimester was a breeze had it not been for my weakened immune system which literally kept me sick for 2 of the 3 months, including 6 different antibiotics. Yuck.

Last week I had to make a 9:00 pm run to the hospital for a fetal non-stress-test. Everything turned out just fine. On the upside I had another ultrasound in which we were able to determine 100% without a doubt that she is definitely a girl. And it was a nice run through of the hospital scene. So not a total bust.

Today I had a routine Dr. appt. and upon evaluation of my rapidly growing and alarmingly protruding varicose veins I got a prescription for these super cool things:
Yep, your grandma's T.E.D hose. I am supposed to wear these things for the remainder of the pregnancy. Seriously. Now, before you scoff, I will say this. They have probably come a long way since your grandma's first pair. They now come in 3 awesome colors to choose from: "wearing rolls of paper white", "trying to be nude but really looks like brown paper sacks brown", and "no light source is getting through these puppies black". Lucky me. If it's any indication of their fashion status, I actually have a prescription to buy them at my pharmacy. Woot.

Other than that, there is nothing new to report at all! I am just trying to figure out what I am going to wear for 9 days in Hawaii. And NOW, how am I going to rock the TED hose on the beach. I guess if you look at them at the right angle they sorta look like lingerie? Nope.

Anyway, here is a belly bump update.

Finally, on a totally unrelated subject... the dogs got a mini makeover by Aaron and a red Sharpie Saturday night. Alta got some new super cool comma shaped eyebrows. And Finn got a gentlemanly Frenchman's mustache. Finn was utterly psyched on his new mustache. He pranced around and even sat on his doghouse which he only does when he is feeling especially spunky. Then Aaron decided to draw a face on my belly. I graciously declined. But he can be very persistent. So i gave him VERY strict guidelines to follow if I were to allow him to draw a smiley face. He didn't follow ANY of them. So Sunday night I sat there scrubbing red permanent marker off along with the top layer of skin using rubbing alcohol because I remembered I had a Dr. appt. today. I will spare you those pics for now because truthfully the face turned out scary looking.


colliganclan said...

Hawaii, must be nice! So, not only do you get to wear hot maternity clothes, but sexy under clothes as well! Man, I am jealous. However, I rocked those same stockings when I had back surgery, so neener neener! Your belly is so cute and tiny! And the nursery looks great so far, can't wait to see more. She needs a name!...I will make an A-Z, that will be fun for you
George...that's hot for a girl!
Harlow! that's a good one
Jasmine or Jordyn
Penelope..that one is from Mike!
Quincy...another one from Mike
Ultraviolet was all he had for "U"
Xena..hee hee
Yasmine and from Mike..Yellow
Most of these are whatever came to mind first, but some I really do like...just thought we would help and give you a laugh too!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

For some reason this didnt come up on my google reader! I love baby updates. I cant believe you only have 3 more months!!! And I wish you would have shown us the bump with the stockings!1 And the picture aaron drew. I am so sorry you were sick. I cant imagine, I swear its 10 times harder being sick while prego. I cant wait to see you guys this weekend... whats the plan? when are you coming and all that fun stuff?

The Bells said...

Does anyone else ever get super excited about getting comments on their posts? It's like opening little presents! I love it! hahaha. DORK.

Okay Seanna - from now on I need to remind myself to go to the bathroom before I read your comments because they make me laugh SO freaking hard. I can just imagine Mike telling you to type Yellow as the Y name! TOO FUNNY!

Alexis, I left a comment on your blog answering your questions. Except the one about a pic with the stockings WITH my belly. I actually don't HAVE the stockings yet. But just wait... hahaha. I was thinking of ways to make them cuter. And since I'm not sure the fabric would hold up to a bedazzler, I am wondering if I could dye them a cute colors or somehow do stripes or soemthing??? Could you please address this on your Mom Blog? j/k

And about the A-Z name list... So Aaron and I have ALWAYS loved Fallon (or Falyn) as our #1 name choice. However, everyone says it's too much like fallock (???? didn't even know this word existed) so what do I do?

Heather said...

OOOH! your bump is too precious for words! seriously, you are darling!!! I love the hose! my friend wore those! they weren't so bad! good luck with that babe!
Seriously though, you look STINKING AMAZING!!!! and THAT IS THAT! love ya!

colliganclan said...

What is fallock? Apparently, I am not in the know. Falyn, by the way I LOVE the way that is spelt!! I think the name is way cute! Some obnoxious person will always have something to say about any name! So, guess what? Name her what you want! She is yours, that's the great thing! You could call her something as crazy as Ireland and people have to deal!!! I triple dog dare you to name her Falyn...if you can wear those "bananas" while prego and in public, you can name her Falyn!!

colliganclan said...

After posting my last comment, I asked my wonderful hubby what fallock! I didn't know! So, exxxccuuuuuuussssee me. I'm kind of proud of the fact that I am so innocent and sweet that I didn't know!! hee, hee....P.S. Falyn is still my #1 pick!

Brady said...

Dude - when is your baby due? We're expecting a baby girl Aug. 26th!

Hope Oahu is as nice as Maui!