Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Shhh-tuff

Here are some pics of what we have been up to this winter! Luckily I was able to talk (er, beg) Aaron into putting fly-fishing on hold until temps get at least into the double digits.

Pretty much our weekends are consumed with snowmobiling and playing with the dogs in the snow. We haven't even skied together yet this season! (I have gone, thanks Whit...) But it's so hard when the snowmobiling is as awesome as it has been. Also, I fear the snowmobiling days are numbered and I have to get it all in while I can! After that we can take the mellower approach of skiing. Ahhh I love the snow. And I really REALLY love snowmobiling!

Aaron being cool.

Me being cooler.

This looks like a boy, but it's me.

Orion being coolest.
(Sue is taking all the pics. But she is probably cooler than all of us.)

Alta and Finn, SO happy to be going on a hike!
I actually think they are smiling.

My hot hubby. What Nick, you too good to pose? Oh wait, you ARE.

Alta swimming - Before

Alta swimming - After.
Swim, roll in snow, repeat.

Looks like my awesomeness is scaring Finn.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Farewell to Vegas...

Every January we take a break from the cold to head down to lovely Las Vegas for the SIA show. Unfortunately this is the last year Vegas will be hosting SIA. Next year it moves to Denver, CO; and seeing how I now have a loathing cold spot in my heart for that place (husband stealer) we will NOT be attending. Looks like we will have to sacrifice and go to San Diego for ASR instead.

The trip was, as always, a fabulous time exceeding all expectations.
Some highlights include:

-Whitney's birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Casey, Alexis, and our new buddies Shane and Kaleo. And to state the obvious for the complainers... can't forget SCHWEPPE, Nichole, WHITNEY, Callie, and Bo.

-Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg McMuffins at the hotel continental breakfast.

-Whit and I wearing all the stolen clothes from Ashley's closet. (just kidding) (well, kinda)

-Experiencing the extreme weather tunnel challenge. (eventually resulting in winning a wii)

-Jalepeno jerky.

-Meeting Robert, our new friend, the dealer at the roulette table at the Hard Rock Casino. He is very cool. And lucky.

-The crazy security guard that followed us along the moving walkway at the Palms. Then putting my foot in my mouth. (what's new)

-Upper 60 degree weather and laying by the pool.

-Push pops.

-Aaron prank calling Whitney at the iTunes store. HAHAHA thanks Whit, I almost forgot.

Thank you Las Vegas we love you and will see you again.


We may LOOK cold, but we're not.

Gore-Tex rules.

Push-Pops. Classy.


I think we found the one person skinnier than Schweppe.

Wow. Something I will never be able to do.

Good for luck.

Looking "dapper".

??? Huh?

??? Double-Huh?