Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Tough Little Boys Grow Up to Be Dads...

They In To Big Babies Again...

Yes it's a country song. I never thought I would be likening our life to a country song.

Okay I take that back. Come to think of it... our truck has broken down - my horse DID die when we were dating - but at least there's no cheating.

But back to the song. If you have never heard it, you should. It's by Gary Allen. And I love it. I liked it before, but now it's Aaron.

So excuse me for a moment while I blog about the greatest husband and best dad Isla and I could ever want. At risk of sounding wildly cliche, I'm going to say it anyway. He may not be perfect, but he is PERFECT for us.

If I haven't already invited you to my pity party, you may or may not know that Aaron still works in Wendover. We don't get to spend much time with him and it makes ALL 3 OF US very sad. So when Aaron is home we try to make the very most of every moment. Aaron is SUCH a hard worker and sacrifices tremendously for our family. We are so grateful for him.

Isla LOVES her dad. Every day when Aaron calls I will hold the phone up for her to hear him. Her eyes get all BIG and she makes all these little confused faces because she can't actually see him. Okay it's a sad trick. But SOOO cute!

Annnyway, I wouldn't say that any of us ever doubted that Aaron would be a great dad. But we all had our reservations when he HONESTLY thought that babies went through 2 or 3 diapers a day. :) haha.

But to tell you the truth he has morphed into the most amazing dad and managed to remain an outstanding husband at the same time too. Basically he's magical.

I have compiled a list (because I am left brain, and we like lists). This is a list of my top ten favorite things of Aaron as a dad:

10. The Baby Bjorn. He puts her in this ALL the time, even if he is just sitting at the computer. He loves it, and so does Isla!

9. Dressing her. I have to bite my tongue sometimes because I (once again, left brained) like her to be proper and matching, and he (being right brained) thinks that clothes should NOT match.

8. Her holding his finger. Enough said. It's just sweet.

7. Sharing his accessories. He likes to let her try on his neon Volcom sunglasses, his New Era hats, and anything else.

6. Their staring contests. Most of the time she beats him. She's really good at it.

5. Our ongoing household fight whether Pampers or Huggies are better. I just find it funny that he has such a strong opinion about it.

4. Their daddy/daughter naps.

3. When he looks at me like he has NO clue what's going on with her. But we laugh really hard anyway.

2. Him dancing with her. We always have some sort of music playing in the house. And whether its "pausing for a dance break" or full on ballroom style, he's teaching her the moves.

1. When he gets up in the morning with her, lets me sleep in, then they bring me breakfast in bed.

Basically anyone that knows Aaron knows that he does everything. And when I say he does everything, I mean he goes ALL out and does it legit. So it comes as no surprise that fatherhood is no different. We love you!

nap time

elk hunting

staring contest