Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Isla and I'm ONE!

My  mom is a little slow posting this because she is very busy hanging out with me and working too.

I turned one year old three weeks ago.  I had TWO birthday parties.  One with all my mom and dad's friends, and one with my awesome family.

I have to say, this birthday was way more awesome that last years.

Luckily for me, well before I came along my dad accustomed my mom to the idea of a "birthday week".  Thanks dad.  I may not remember much about my first birthday party when I grow up, but I had a great time!

Birthday week started out on Thursday when my mom and mimi took me to Salt Lake for a girls day.   We went to lunch with my great-grammy, my aunt Chrissy, and my cousin Addie.  Then we went shopping for new clothes for me, then to my favorite store Costco, and to the chocolate store to get some special dark chocolate for my birthday cakes.  I really love hanging out with my mom and mimi.

Friday my mom started singing happy birthday to me.  I think she is weird.  I played with my mom and dad then I went to bed and my mom stayed up late getting things ready for my big party, including making me an awesome shirt to wear.

Saturday evening we had a great party with my "aunts" and "uncles".  I had lots of pink decorations because that's my favorite color.  We ate yummy cafe-rio style pork salads and burritos and peach cobbler.  I got some really cool presents like books, a kite, a new swim suit, a John Deer farm band, some bath toys, and a Cabbage Patch doll!

And of course I had my very own dark chocolate cake that I devoured.  I wasn't quite sure what to do at first, my dad had to keep telling me it was okay.

Sunday my family all came over for ANOTHER party!  Both of my grandparents and even my great-grandparents came a long way to see me.  My uncle and aunt, and 2 of my cousins came too.  We had more delicious cake and played and laughed.  I got really tired by the end.

So by the time it was my actual birthday I was totally worn out!  When I woke up my dad had already gone to work but left me a note.  We went to the park and ate some dinner and went to bed.

A few awesome things about me now that I am one:

I love to dance to music
I still crawl.  I will occasionally walk along furniture, but if people will carry me, why do I need to walk?
I laugh at myself A LOT.  I am pretty funny
I went from being 95% in weight to 25% in weight in 3 months so my doctor wants me eating lots more food  I like to eat anything my mom and dad eat, but I especially like scrambled eggs, oranges, hot dogs, cheese, pb&j, crackers, spaghettios, and fat boys (when my mom isn't looking and daddy sneaks them to me)
I like to play in mom's garden.  She picks peas and beans and puts them in a bucket and I take them all out again
I can sort of say mama, dada, papa, mimi, baby, bye-bye, and poo
I know who my papa is!  He is the only person that I can point to and accurately recite "papa" (grandpa O)
I can whinny like a horse
I sleep so much.  Oh I love to sleep.  I like my crib but I don't like it when my mom and dad put stuffed animals in my crib with me.
I love books.  
I like to crawl on my dog Finn.
I love to be pulled around like royalty in my chariot bike trailer
I am also going through some attachment issues.  But they say I'll get over that.  Whatever.
Oh yea, and I have mom and dad wrapped around my little finger.   :)