Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

This winter has been odd.

The snow has been sparse, the temperatures will go from -11 to 46 in the same week, and then there's the baby factor.
All of this has altered our usually predictable winter season habits. We haven't been snowmobiling and skiing as much as we are used to. But it's okay, we find ways to still enjoy the outdoors and mountains.

Enter SNOWSHOEING. Boo. Yes I said boo. Yes I did it, and yes I will continue to do it. But hear me out on this. We own snowmobiles - why on earth would I want to WALK through DEEP snow to get to the top of a mountain that I could ride to in 3 minutes on my snowmobile...? Let me remind you that watching me walk with snowshoes is like watching a really awkward pregnant chick walk on the Hawaii beach in flippers. (Oh wait, that was me last May.) Still, in a pinch snowshoeing will suffice to get us out of the house and into the beautiful trails that surround us. So I give in.

Isla LOVES being outside. Here she is all bundled up ready to go in her backpack.

This is my best friend Ashley and her boyfriend Casey. Casey is unusually large. And by large I mean TALL. And he broke his walking poles.
This pic does NOT do the hike justice. It was SOOOO steep. And Aaron did the whole thing carrying Isla on his back. He only fell over once - on the way down. Isla thought that was pretty funny.
This is overlooking the Heber Valley. Pay no attention to Isla sitting at a 45 degree angle.
Told you I was uncoordinated. At least I am smiling.

Other outdoor adventures occupying our time include JIBFEST. This is where all our friends come up - we snowmobile them in to an undisclosed mountainous location - build stuff in the woods - and jib. For all the population out there that don't speak this language (myself included) this means haul in rails that Aaron spent all summer making, lumber to build quarter pipes, tools, hatchets, jumps, I don't really know where all this is going. Basically these guys are like little boys in a candy shop. Add lighting a tree on fire and burning up some hot dogs and you have yourself jibfest.

Then there are the Midway Ice Castles. Don't get your tiaras out just yet folks. I was sadly disappointed to learn that these so-called advertised "ice castles" were not like, um, castles. They were just really pretty ice sculpture things. Still fun to check out and take some pics with friends nonetheless. I just have to save my Cinderella costume for another day I suppose.

Starting the ice castle stroll.
My two best friends Ashley and Whit.

This one is really blurry of me doing the Lion King presenting Simba pose - but I thought it was a really pretty view of the ice not-castle.
The ice tunnel. Isla is a very tactile learner. Oops.

All-in-alll we are alive. We have been busy working and playing. We are hoping for a big late winter! Please give us more snow!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Friends

Yesterday I realized that there are few things in life better than simply getting together with your childhood best friends whom you haven't seen in years. Nothing fancy needed. Just a big supply of your favorite beverage, some munchies, and comfy stools to sit around laughing for hours.

My mom once told me you will know a best friend because you can go for a long time without seeing each other and when you do finally reunite, you can seamlessly pick up right where you left off.