Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's Happening This Week...

At last our bags are all packed, sitting by the back door, and we are just waiting. No pics on this post because the camera is packed up ready to go too. I think we are ready as far as having all the necessities for her. And I KNOW I am ready to have her here. I am so excited!

Last Dr. Appt. was Friday. Nothing spectacular. I was 2 weeks and 1 day from my due date and not dilating at all. But the good news is somehow she managed to flip so she's no longer breech. Hopefully now that she's facing the right way she'll get this show on the road. It's too hot and I'm too big to feel like eating much anymore. And I've been dealing with stomach "issues" which resulted in a 4 lbs loss since my appt. the week before. So currently the goal is to just drink as much water and Gatorade as humanly possibly every day. Because of the holiday I won't go back to see my Dr. until Monday. I'm crossing my fingers for some progress.

We Went on a Tour of the Hospital last weekend. (We will be at the new Intermountain Medical Center down in Salt Lake). It was extremely valuable to know where we are going, what's going to happen where, how it's all going to go down, visitors, etc. I think Aaron loved it too. He stayed very involved, didn't zone out, and even asked questions! (Okay, even if they WERE completely contractor/construction questions such as "why do they have two paralleling power outlets running different colors? Are they different currents?" Our poor little tour guide looked at him like, I have no idea what you just said.)

I'm Reading Up on Natural Labor Induction Methods right now. I know they are probably all old wivestales but most of them couldn't hurt just to try anyway. Last night I got a pedicure hoping the foot massage would stimulate something, and then went for a long brisk walk with the dogs. I know, I know, all the literature barks "she'll come when she's ready". Bah.

p.s. I want to thank everyone for the fabulous baby showers. We got spoiled for sure. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I will try and think of something NON baby related to blog about soon! Sorry for the baby overload!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursery Almost Done!

Finally some pics of the nursery progress. It's pretty much done except for the details- accessories, pictures, side table, stuff like that. I love it! Much thanks to my insanely patient husband who never complained about it.

The Cow...

My very very best friend in the entire world gave Baby B the SWEETEST gift at my shower Saturday (post about that later).

Check it out:
It's a little tiny riding scooter cow. So cute! I can't wait till she can ride it!

Pool Party!

It's been getting pretty hot around here lately - so as per annual summertime tradition we bought the dogs a pool and now it's a party every day... No matter what time of day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Final Month...

Well as of today we officially have exactly one month until our due date!

Of course I wouldn't object or be surprised to have her come just a little early.

So here are the current stats:

  • Baby B still has no name. Some days I am okay with this, other days this causes a lot of terror and anxiety for me.
  • Baby B is still breech. She should have turned on her own by now. But I think there's just not enough room in there. The Dr. will check her one last time next week, and if she's still upside-down she will have to try to turn her manually.
  • Heartburn and acid indigestion are going to be the death of me. No matter what I eat I have a few nights a week where I am up all night throwing up because of the acid boiling up my esophagus. Sometimes it even wakes the neighbors. For real. They tell me so. I carry Mylanta everywhere and sip it straight from the bottle.
  • My wedding rings still fit and my belly button still doesn't poke out. (miracles DO happen)
  • Everyone asks "are you ready?" I hate this question. It's like when we were getting married and everyone asked "are you excited?" What do you think? Of course I'm NOT ready. Is anyone ever ready? What are you supposed to say. But to answer: yes and no. I can't wait to meet her and hold her. I feel like there are still a lot of things we need, but I feel like we have the necessities that we could survive if this happened tomorrow.
  • We have had one shower already. I was SO incredibly overwhelmed - and I realized just how loved and blessed this baby is already by so many people.
  • Motivation seems to be dwindling as quickly as my wardrobe choices these days. My best approach currently is to set a daily goal (NO LAUGHING). Examples: "today I will change the sheets" or "today I will unload the laundry basket" yesterday's was "today I will clean out the pantry". But after 9 hours at work the best I could do was the bottom 2 shelves since I could sit down and reach.
  • Currently the ONLY thing I have a desire to do is sit on the boat and fish.
More exciting news, Baby B had her first experience on a horse on Monday! One of my good friends just graduated college in photography and convinced me we should take some "belly photos" just for fun. So obviously we went up to the ranch. I haven't seen them yet, but she did send me one unedited sneak peek. And since I haven't posted a belly pic in MONTHS, this will have to do. :)

In the meantime, Aaron has been riding Jack for me. They've been trying to go up in the mtns. to start scouting for his big elk hunt this fall. I am SO jealous, but Aaron has fallen in love with Jack and I'm afraid I won't get him back.

Who would have ever thought he'd make a cowboy!