Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's Happening This Week...

At last our bags are all packed, sitting by the back door, and we are just waiting. No pics on this post because the camera is packed up ready to go too. I think we are ready as far as having all the necessities for her. And I KNOW I am ready to have her here. I am so excited!

Last Dr. Appt. was Friday. Nothing spectacular. I was 2 weeks and 1 day from my due date and not dilating at all. But the good news is somehow she managed to flip so she's no longer breech. Hopefully now that she's facing the right way she'll get this show on the road. It's too hot and I'm too big to feel like eating much anymore. And I've been dealing with stomach "issues" which resulted in a 4 lbs loss since my appt. the week before. So currently the goal is to just drink as much water and Gatorade as humanly possibly every day. Because of the holiday I won't go back to see my Dr. until Monday. I'm crossing my fingers for some progress.

We Went on a Tour of the Hospital last weekend. (We will be at the new Intermountain Medical Center down in Salt Lake). It was extremely valuable to know where we are going, what's going to happen where, how it's all going to go down, visitors, etc. I think Aaron loved it too. He stayed very involved, didn't zone out, and even asked questions! (Okay, even if they WERE completely contractor/construction questions such as "why do they have two paralleling power outlets running different colors? Are they different currents?" Our poor little tour guide looked at him like, I have no idea what you just said.)

I'm Reading Up on Natural Labor Induction Methods right now. I know they are probably all old wivestales but most of them couldn't hurt just to try anyway. Last night I got a pedicure hoping the foot massage would stimulate something, and then went for a long brisk walk with the dogs. I know, I know, all the literature barks "she'll come when she's ready". Bah.

p.s. I want to thank everyone for the fabulous baby showers. We got spoiled for sure. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I will try and think of something NON baby related to blog about soon! Sorry for the baby overload!


Alexis Treese said...

I want more baby posts...we love it. Aaron's questions crack me up. I tried all the inducing tricks too. Are you still doing the scheduled c-section?

And have you figured out a name?
I think you need an earthy, hippie-ish name.
I cant get over the nursery, its so fabulous!! Im going to have Aaron come to Vegas and teach Casey some of his tricks.

I cant believe you ARE SO CLOSE!!!
Did you get some Baby Einstein DVD's from any of your showers. G is obsessed with those. Its never NOT worked when shes fussy.

These two weeks will probably drag on forever, it did for me. Send me an email and tell me some of the fun things you got and I want to know about the name! Ok sending you love and calm positive energy through the universe! Namaste.

colliganclan said...

Don't apologize for blogging about your daughter...and they surely won't end after she is here! Welcome to mommyhood...she is your world now, nothing else will be more exciting. I'm sure someday soon you will even be bloggind about something that has to do with baby poop!! It will happen!! Good luck with labor, just remember there is a happy ending!

colliganclan said...

Beatrix Kiddo??? I love it! The clock is ticking....I can't wait to see the new baby girl and hear what her beautiful name will be. How about Willow Grace, kind of sounds like Will and Grace!