Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Final Month...

Well as of today we officially have exactly one month until our due date!

Of course I wouldn't object or be surprised to have her come just a little early.

So here are the current stats:

  • Baby B still has no name. Some days I am okay with this, other days this causes a lot of terror and anxiety for me.
  • Baby B is still breech. She should have turned on her own by now. But I think there's just not enough room in there. The Dr. will check her one last time next week, and if she's still upside-down she will have to try to turn her manually.
  • Heartburn and acid indigestion are going to be the death of me. No matter what I eat I have a few nights a week where I am up all night throwing up because of the acid boiling up my esophagus. Sometimes it even wakes the neighbors. For real. They tell me so. I carry Mylanta everywhere and sip it straight from the bottle.
  • My wedding rings still fit and my belly button still doesn't poke out. (miracles DO happen)
  • Everyone asks "are you ready?" I hate this question. It's like when we were getting married and everyone asked "are you excited?" What do you think? Of course I'm NOT ready. Is anyone ever ready? What are you supposed to say. But to answer: yes and no. I can't wait to meet her and hold her. I feel like there are still a lot of things we need, but I feel like we have the necessities that we could survive if this happened tomorrow.
  • We have had one shower already. I was SO incredibly overwhelmed - and I realized just how loved and blessed this baby is already by so many people.
  • Motivation seems to be dwindling as quickly as my wardrobe choices these days. My best approach currently is to set a daily goal (NO LAUGHING). Examples: "today I will change the sheets" or "today I will unload the laundry basket" yesterday's was "today I will clean out the pantry". But after 9 hours at work the best I could do was the bottom 2 shelves since I could sit down and reach.
  • Currently the ONLY thing I have a desire to do is sit on the boat and fish.
More exciting news, Baby B had her first experience on a horse on Monday! One of my good friends just graduated college in photography and convinced me we should take some "belly photos" just for fun. So obviously we went up to the ranch. I haven't seen them yet, but she did send me one unedited sneak peek. And since I haven't posted a belly pic in MONTHS, this will have to do. :)

In the meantime, Aaron has been riding Jack for me. They've been trying to go up in the mtns. to start scouting for his big elk hunt this fall. I am SO jealous, but Aaron has fallen in love with Jack and I'm afraid I won't get him back.

Who would have ever thought he'd make a cowboy!


colliganclan said...

Wow! That pic is amazing! Beautiful! I can't wait to meet Baby B.

Deek said...

Orion was already the biggest badass I'd ever met. The goatee makes him even more so.

Bell's still an o.g. on the inside!

Heather said...

OOoh linds! i am so sorry about the indigestion! i had that bAD with kayla! i feel for you! YUCK!>
NOW onto the breech baby. SERIOUSLY, try this. i know it sounds weird. BUT, kapri was breech and i was FREAKING OUT. my midwife told me to do this, and i would try anything BEFORE they turned her MANUALLY! OUCH! (my mom had that happen and OUCH IT IS!)

i will have to email you it, it is all so personal, and it is a lot of info! but, i will get on that immediately!

love you girly! i can NOT wait to see the pics of you! i can't believe you got on a horse! you crazy!! love it!

ooh i can't wait to see this love of yours! soo sweet!
she will be precious as can be! you look AMAZING!!! amazing!
and, OH! we don't quite know where your package is, BUT< i posted a pic on my blog of what i made for you! IF it doesn't get to you, i will just make another one of the set! ?
love you! xoxoxo

Kara and Mike Barber said...

Wow! That pic of you on the horse is so cool! I am so excited for you guys, Mike and I will be in Utah all of August, we would love to come and see you guys and your new little baby (if you are feeling well enough by then). So, I just got done feeding Stew, looking at blogs during night time feedings is awesome! O ya and Aaron looks great as a cowboy, one thing I love about Aaron is he does things all out, I love that he is wearing chaps (is that how you spell it), cowboys hat, boats, ect.. he looks like the real deal!

The Willey's said...


Love the picture of you and Aaron in the pick-up and so love the picture of you on jack!!! We are super excited for you.