Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thanks to all the incessant whiners out there (love you all) I guess its time for a pregnancy post

First for a quick recap-

Up until about 3 weeks ago we were POSITIVE we were having a little boy. So positive in fact that we really hadnt even thought of any girl names. Pfft, so much for gut feelings. The 20 week ultrasound shocked us with a resounding GIRL. So a little change of plans and we are thrilled that well be having a baby girl sometime in the vicinity of August 2. (Aarons excited because as he puts it girls have more chance at becoming pro athletes.)

Aaron comes home on the weekends and is always impressed (translates=taken back) by the changes. On a good point he reads the What to Expect book section for dads and thinks I am the BEST pregnant wife ever. This is because pretty much the whole section is about moodiness and he says I hardly have any mood swings at all. I tell him hes right. But lets be honest he lives in another state and sees me 48 hours/week.

So there you have it. No names as of yet. A few ideas Feel free to leave a comment if you have any fabulous baby girl names youd be willing to share!

Little Baby B profile for those not familiar (I DID have to explain this one to Aaron)

Little arm and hand waving HI!

And the belly. It's a horrible angle. But I've decided there are no good angles at this point.
Anyway, 5 month bump.

Now on to more fun facts- (Alexis: I am going to copy your idea of posting things I love right now I couldnt come up with anything better no matter how hard I tried to NOT copy you.)

Things I love right now-

Tobasco. On EVERYTHING. Im not generally a Tobasco girl, but I have been putting it on everything.

Hot Dogs. Cooked in any manner- grill, fire, microwave, doesnt matter.

Babinskis. The cutest baby boutique on Foothill. I want everything in that store.

My parents. They are so supportive and patient. They dont hate when I call them at 10:00 at night crying because someone asks me when I’m due. And they have me up for dinner every Wednesday night.

My friends. From supplying a daily list of names corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day, to sewing custom maternity clothes, or listening to my boring baby blabber I have the best friends.

Skiing. If it werent for bright happy sunshine soft groomers - and Steins Beach I would be going completely insane on my weekends. I dont know what I’ll do when the season is over!

My Doctor. She is the best. I know everyone thinks their dr. is, but mine seriously is.

Jazzercise. Gotta keep the body in shape still.

Belly Band. Makes it possible to unbutton the top button on normal pants in public. Need I say more?

MY HUSBAND. Needs no explanation.

Things I’m not loving so much right now-

Bending over. This is a very bad sign since I am only 5 months along. I can only imagine it in 3 more months.

Chai Tea. I used to LOVE Chai Tea. I think I drank it one morning and then got morning sickness now I cant stand the smell of it.

Sleeping on my Side. I am typically a back sleeper. Apparently that’s a no-go now.

Maternity Clothes. I dont need them yet, but I browsed through a store a week ago and it made me sad. That stuff is horrible. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?

Being Sick. I have had this never-ending cough/cold for the past month and a half. Boo.

Strangers Helping Themselves to Touching my Belly. In no society should this be acceptable. This is only okay if I know you well and like you.

Whit, me, and little Baby skiing at Deer Valley last weekend! SO GORGEOUS!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New MUST HAVE Fishing Tool

Yes folks, this IS for real...

(As Seen on TV)

Midges vs. Streamers - Battle Royale

Last week Aaron and Dan discovered Blue Lake - a natural hot springs sort of lake 15 miles even more out in the middle of nowhere than Wendover. They have been flyfishing out there practically every night since... sure beats the Red Garter. (Yes, that is actually the name of a casino out there. CLASSY)

But here is a pic Aaron sent me of a Bass caught with a streamer on his flyrod. Yesss, I have finally converted him over to streamers. I knew he'd come around from those lousy, teeny, tiny #22 midges. :)

Keep on fishing Aaron! I'll be home watching DWTS.