Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Banana Republic's friends and family event is this week
so if anyone wants to use my discount at
Banana, Gap, Baby Gap, Old Navy
any store anywhere, including online
let me know and I will register you on my account
and you will get an email with your coupon codes.
P.S. This isn't a sales pitch or anything.
I don't get anything for you shopping,
it's just like employee appreciaion letting our fam use our discount.
The sale is the 13th - 16th.


Jonnie & Ash said...

Dude - hook us up! (Please) With Christmas coming up this will be sweet!!!! Thanks Lindzi!

The Bells said...

i will send it to jonnie's email address (i don't know yours! :) ) so let me know if you haven't received it by tonight and i will try again. the system has been slow. you guys should make a trip up here cuz the outlets are all like 40-60% off anyway, plus another 30, so the deals are SOOO good! plus then the boys could go skate!

Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...
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Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...

oops I deleted the last one on accident..
Ive been waiting for your birthday pictures.. Where are they??
Hook meee up tooo please!!
Im getting my hair colored Fri. Yikes, im scared:( Maybe we can go shopping after.. ooo, starbucks.. Yumm peppermint mocha is my fav..
love ya lots sista

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Casey's mom hooked us up! The cool thing you can use it once online. I cant wait I have a lot things in mind. Especially from Piperlime!

Jonnie & Ash said...

Thanks so much!!! I ordered some Christmas for Kingston ;) I would love to make a trip up - but K is sick so we gotta wait until he is well. Seriously within the past month we have all had either bronchitis, colds, ear infections, sinus infections, you name it and we've had it! So as soon as we are all better and sick free we will make the trip!!! Hope all is well!

deek said...

Thanks for the hook ups Lindz. You're the q-u-e-e-e-e-e-n! Dinner and skating was sicky bone too. Love your bodies.