Friday, December 12, 2008

1 More Hour Till My Husband is Home and I Won't Have to Blog About My Dogs!!!

There are few things on this earth I love more than animals. Especially horses and dogs. Particularly MY horses and dogs.
With Aaron being gone lately I have really noticed how my dogs are my companions. Perhaps I talk to them a little more than people would call normal. But I really think they understand it. Well, a few words I know they know for certain: squeaky squid, bedtime, poop, and breakfast.
I even love them when they knock over our 10-ft tall real Christmas tree at 6:30 am making the ornaments fall off and break and gallons of water saturate the carpet. Yes, I even love them then.


Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Ahhhhhhhh! I feel so much better after reading this... I have been thinking I have an unhealthy co-dependency with my dogs. If you only knew the extent. But dogs are incredible, they somehow know when you are sad. They are ALWAYS so happy to see you. And even when you have a moment where you evil twin comes out they love you regardless. I am so amazed with you, how you handle the long distance between you and Aaron is incredible. I admire you I think I would literally fall apart. You are so strong! Im happy you get to see him soon!!

Heather said...

these are precious pictures! you look great!

and, HELLO!? jazz was totally a HUMAN! i believe that they understand you and seriosuly, are just like us! i know i am crazy, but jazz was MY first child! i am lame! but, she is gone now! we need another little jazz!
love you lindz

Jonnie & Ash said...

Aw - True puppy love! Love the pics!

deek said...

I talk to Mahzy like a real person. People look at me funny when we're in public, but its okay because dogs are our buddies!