Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

When Isla hit the 6 month mark a couple of weeks ago, we decided it was time to start introducing her to baby food. Like any new parents - this was quite the occasion for us.

High chair - check.
Video camera - check.
Perfect lazy Sunday morning to dedicate to "baby's first feeding" - check.
Organic fancy rice cereal* - check.

*by the way, I am totally not into the whole organic thing usually. well, unless you count shooting your own meat from the mtn range "organic" and growing your own veggies in a garden and canning/bottling them. anyway, it's funny how you get sucked in to feeling like your baby needs organic.

And so it began. We put that adorable little silver spoon up to her mouth and in went a delicious bite of mush. Anticipation builds. And back out it came. Not only did the cereal shoot back out with a force of disgust, but this was followed by the most heartfelt look of horror. She looked at us like "why would you do something like that to me?" It almost broke my heart. Almost.

Thankfully the pediatrician* said this might happen. And to just give it a few days, she will come around.
*by the way, I have an intellectual crush on my pediatrician. he's A.MAZE.ING. funny i used to have harmless crushes on people like pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones or Mark Wahlberg or Jeremy Piven. oh how life changes.

So we tried the next day. Only this time we try to trick her by making the airplane noises and slurping noises and what not. It didn't help. She didn't want to eat. But she did feel like laughing.

Turn up the volume to hear the full giggling effect. Oh, and if you are patient enough to make it to the end, that's the best laughing and a great ending squeal.

When the rice cereal failed its week trial, I decided to try something different. It has always been my dream to be the perfect little mom that makes perfect homemade baby food from the preserved fruits and veggies from my garden. So out came the stock from the freezer. Mooshed up carrots - nope. Pureed sweet potatoes - nope. Whipped squash - nope. Hopeless. She didn't want rice, and she didn't appreciate the intensive labor I had put into her homemade babyfood. We gave in and finally went to the grocery store and bought a plethera of delicous sounding baby foods. Bananas, squash, sweet peas, pears... and so far we haven't tried everything, but she is still not having anything to do with eating. Not only does she not want to try, but she has learned how to clench her jaws closed so you can't even pry the spoon in there. You can't even trick her into smiling and shoving the spoon in anymore, she figured that one out too.

I suppose we will just keep trying and eventually she will have to like something, right? We love this little person!

And these guys too.


[Stacia] said...

LOL! What an adorable little laugh-even had my baby laughing! Such a cute little girl!

colliganclan said...

She was cracking me up! too funny! She will get the hang of it! Or be super hungry!!:)

Lindsey S. said...

She is so cute! Her laugh reminds me so much of Bailey's at that age. I love when they laugh at the most random things. It's so sweet. She'll start liking food. Bailey didn't like it at first either. I just stuck with rice cereal for almost a month so she would get use to it and hopefully to stop her from getting too constipated and so her body had some time to get use to it. I think it really helped her. She only got constipated once. The clenching of the jaw thing is funny. What a smart little gal!

WHIT said...

her laugh is so great! i love how aaron just scoops the food into her mouth too. thanks for adding finn and alta to the post! i haven't heard (or smelled) what's new with them forever! haha

Ash said...

ha ha ha! Holy freaking crap. Of COURSE she would figure out how to keep her mouth closed tight! I love it. What a freaking cutey! She sure knows how to grin:)