Friday, October 21, 2011

100 Miles

Back in January I got this crazy idea that riding a road bike 100 miles sounded like so much fun.  Maybe it was cabin fever, but mostly I was sick of sitting on the sidelines as Aaron rode 3 centuries the summer before with my best friend.  :)  So I convinced my best friends to enter the all-girls Goldilocks Century bike race. 

It was quite the epic event.  The long late winter made training very limited.  And somehow that course felt uphill the whole way.  It was crazy windy the entire time (to the point of almost blowing me off my bike a few times). And while we were desperately looking forward to lunch at mile 50, we got there only to be given a few swedish fish and some pretzels and told that lunch wasn't for another 25 miles.  Oh, AND their bathrooms were out of order.  We had to stop in at a gas station along the way to grab a hot dog to hold us over, and to use the bathroom (which is a miracle I didn't catch hepatitis or some other disease in that disgusting place). 

But overall it was an amazing experience.  I am constantly amazed at the physical limits one's body is capable of.  I wish my other best friend Ashley could have done the entire 100 miles with us, but she had to leave at mile 25 to make her sister's wedding.  So Whitney, Lisa, and I had to finish it without her.  I will definitely do another one, but probably next time do one with Aaron.  I love to ride bikes with him and he always rides along side of me to hand me my water bottle.  (Whit had to sub in a couple of times, thanks).  But he was there at the finish cheering me on!  It was the best sight ever!

 This is the pic of Isla waiting at the finish line.  This is also what a 1 1/2 year old looks like when daddy gets her ready for the day.  :)

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Kara and Mike Barber said...

You are awesome Lindsay! Way to go on the bike race and the test! That is so great! Looks like you guys are doing well and Isla is so so so cute! I love that Aaron put pig tails in her hair!