Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Week Kickoff, Mother's Day, and Nursery Update!

Just a quick post before I head into work this morning. Memorial Day weekend was very productive. Since we have been out of town for pretty much the entire last 4 weeks we needed to work on house stuff. We got TONS of yardwork done. Aaron's parents came up and helped us weed, get the garden ready, and more. They also kicked off what Aaron likes to refer to as his "BIRTHDAY WEEK CELEBRATION" (this is a large improvement from his old thinking of a "BIRTHDAY MONTH"). We also celebrated Mother's Day, visited graves, and of course played a little bit too.

The way to Aaron's heart... Home Depot Gift Card!

Celebrating Mother's Day: brunch at Market Street Grill.
Mmmm Yummy!

And finally for step 2 of nursery conversion.....
The painting is done and the crib is set up. Thanks to our awesome parents that share all their talent with us. (Aaron's dad painted, my dad makes awesome friends like the guy that gave us this crib for FREE, and my mom handmade the crib bedding.) There is still tons of decorating to do, drapes, glider, and my changing table is still getting it's makeover, but the process continues!


Jonnie & Ash said...

Love the nursery! Great choice of colors!!!

Alexis Treese said...

ahhhh I freaking jealous...we need our own nursery- the bathroom isnt as fabulous. and I love the homemade bedding and the stripes up it!!

Jeremy and Krista said...

Lindzi~ your nursery looks awesome you guys did a great job. I wish I was that talented!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Hope your feeling well and everythings going well. I'm so glad I get to blog stock and keep up on ya. We should really get together sometime, maybe get Carrie and go to dinner or something if you want to. Tell your Mom and Dad hi for me!! Take care.

Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...

I cant wait for her to get here!
I am going to spoil her rotten heehee :)
Love the family picture, so cute!

A birthday week?? Geesh a little spoiled wouldnt you say!


colliganclan said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!! I LOVE the nursery! I wish I had your mom's talent, the bedding is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the complete room! Make sure you catch up on your sleep the time is coming when you won't get much anymore!!!

Heather said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! that nursery! I AM IN LOVE! wow! that is amazing!!! i love the colors. I LOVE the bedding! WOW! my favorite!!!!
you look beautiful as ever! good to see pics of your cute mom!
and happy bday to your hubby! :O)