Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work Before Play

The day before we left for Hawaii (I'll be posting that soon, promise! I just have like 400 pics to sort through.) Aaron was sweet enough to go up and help my parents do some ditch work on the ranch. He is so patient and always works so hard up there. I wasn't allowed to help so I just drove the 4-wheeler around, brought drinks out to them, and took pics. Here are some pics of another hard working day on the ranch. Thanks Aaron! We all love you!

Aaron and SuzieQ setting a culvert -

More compacting -

Thinking hard about something...? -

BigO doing what he does best -

Dad loves his tractor -

Finn testing out the culvert improvements -

Good dogs helping check the ditches -

Finn got a little muddy, he LOVES being at the ranch -


Deek said...

Good to see that Bell doesn't dull down his gangsterness while doing manual labor. I'd expect nothing less!

Alexis Treese said...

This is why Im glad Im a girl. Although youre such a trooper Im surprised I didnt see you out there with your pregnant belly! I love the blog head photo. I am beyond jealous you guys got to have a babymoon in HAWAII!!! I want to go to hawaii, waaaaaa. That's me crying. But Im happy you guys got to go. And it doesnt surprise me that Aaron is there to help family out when he needs it, he's just that kind of guy. Love you guys!!

Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...

Cute picts.. Why didnt I get invited to help clean ditch?? I am laughing so hard.. Check out your moms pose in the finn going thru the culvert pict..haa haa She looks like a stink bug!
I love your family! :)
I cant wait to see your Hawaii pictures! Oh yea...

The Englanders said...

cute! Take pictures of your nursery, the finished product! I want to see!

colliganclan said...

I want to see the nursery too! Geesh! Hurry up, It's not like you have anything better to do!

The Willey's said...

Looks like fun....truly! What is up with Orion's new facial hair? I need to see that in person.