Monday, April 5, 2010

EASTER 2010 - Part 1

We enjoyed Easter celebration 1 of 3 this weekend. So much fun.

It started out with my best friends coming up and having a cookie/egg/pizza extravaganza. Tripling the cookie recipe was a little too much. At first we were all really creative, then we were over it and just slapped frosting on the rest of them. Dying the eggs was fun for those of us who stayed awake that late.

Then Sunday we had such a great time at my family Easter dinner. Great food, even better company. Isla did pretty good with her first egg hunt. She especially liked to shake the eggs filled with jelly beans and eat the pink grass in her bucket. Ahhh the simply joys - wish it could stay that way.

Isla and her sweet cousin Kiri.

Isla found a special egg that was filled with this fabulous bead necklace that used to belong to her Great Great Grandma Quma.

Cute cousins eyeing their goodies.

My precious darling.

Aaron eating chocolate cheesecake.

Have I ever mentioned my mom should be a professional chef? Mmmm she makes the most wonderful carrot cake ever. It is by far my most favorite dessert she makes. Masterpiece. Not to mention its organic ranch grown carrots and hand-ground flour. She is wonderwoman.

This is Isla's Great Grammy that she is named after. We sure love her.

We are so lucky to have the best family in the world. Our day couldn't have been any better. Stay tuned for Easter Parts 2 and 3.....


WHIT said...

Love the Isla's easter outfit. ESPECIALLY the head band. Is that the special one? Even if it's not, I like it. I need to take the camera from you next time and take some pics of you. Although I am honored that there were about 20 pictures of me, I am pretty sure there were at least 5 other people there, including you and and that super hot, melt your heart, movie star, guy that I picked up as I rolled into heebs.

Lindsey S. said...

We so need to play soon. I miss you guys!

Heather said...

oh my gosh! what an angel she is! she is growing up soo soo fast! wow!
what fun making all those cookies looks! I LOVE IT!
so, also, i have to say, YUM to the carrot cake! that is MY Favorite dessert! your mom is awesome!