Friday, September 5, 2008

Fishing, Fishing, and MORE Fishing!

Well we decided that now since we live so close to the Provo River (walking distance) we should definately dust off the fly fishing gear. So basically that is what we have been doing the past two weekends. The first weekend the weather was GORGEOUS as you can see in the pics. And let me just say how these pictures DON'T do the swift current justice. Shortly after Aaron and I parted and he had ventured up the river, I decided to move up river to this hole that I was sure had some fish. But first I had to wade through a pass of rapids. Now Aaron seems to think this feat is no big deal, but for whatever reason (hello, skateboarding incident) I am not skilled at walking through a moving river. Surprise, right? I don't know if it's just me... or if it's a girl thing... or most people in general... and Aaron is just some sort of half swamp sloth/half man... but I am HORRIBLE at it! Well long story short I got too deep and the fast river swept my feet out from under me and I got washed down river. I was POSITIVE I was a goner and they would have to come fish me out of Deer Creek. All I could think about was not letting go of my rod. I finally got footing a ways down the river, but I was still stuck in the middle of a fast part and was completely stuck because if I tried to take any weight off of either foot the river tried to sweep me away again, so I couldn't walk to shore. And there I sat. Waders full to my chest of water, completely wet, just wimpering Aaron's name hoping he would hear and come save me. Of course the wimpers grew louder and finally Aaron came all excited thinking I must have a monster fish or something. He laughed really hard. Thinking back now I probably would have laughed too had I been in his situation. But he literally dragged my sorry pathetic butt back to shore and after re-grouping I went back into the river (shallower, this time) with waders still full of water. No pictures of that since Aaron doesn't allow me to carry the camera when I am on the river (and for good reason).

The fishing has been pretty good. Although it's been far better for my parents who outfished us completely in the 45 min. they were there. Maybe it has something to do with my splashing around? Or maybe it's just because quite simply Orion and Sue are amazing at everything. But we are having fun and it is SO beautiful. Last Monday we went out during the storm while it was raining/hailing and it was AWESOME!
As you can see I am a lot better from shore!
Also for Memorial Day the family went boating and fishing at Rockport. Your's truely caught the only fish. (Okay, we will call it a "team effort" with Orion.) And we played on the shore with Kirsten who we found is really fond of uncle Aaron as long as he is holding Goldfish and not wearing the Monster sweatshirt. I will have to post a pic of his new sweatshirt that scared the crap out of the poor girl.


Heather said...

you are SO darling! i love this! LOOKS like soo much fun! (if you like the outdoors. ;O)) Love you!
you are so beautiful!

Kara and Mike Barber said...

Hey! you are so funny, you tell great stories. I am sorry that you went flying down the river, that would have scared me to death, I can totally picture Aaron cracking up, I am glad you survived! I think Mike and I want to come on vacation to your house, it seems so fun where you live! Hope all is well.

The Englanders said...

Nice waders! awesome story, I can just picture it! ha.

Kara and Mike Barber said...

Hey! so basically you have to be really really cool to get invited to read certain blogs and well.... j/k you have to email them so they can add you to their friend list, they have it protected so only certain people can see, her email is, talk to you later, enjoy colorado!