Thursday, September 4, 2008

OooH the Garage...

Yeah Yeah this is delayed quite a bit. But my pictures get delayed since Aaron has the camera and all its equipment in Colorado with him.

Aaannnnnyyyway, a few weeks ago Aaron and I went up to North Ogden to help his parents build a garage.... In two days... Which was a lofty goal considering the size of this building.
It was the last weekend of July and also I am pretty sure it was the HOTTEST weekend of the year. I don't think I have sweat THAT much maybe ever. Well that's probably not true, but it was HOT. So thanks to 12 hour days and Aaron's AMAZING stamina (I swear he is a WORK HORSE) we actually maganed to bang out this thing in that weekend. I was literally in AWE of Aaron. And I was a big fan of the dirty sweaty thing too.

Did I mention how sore I was? I was really sore! But we like to work and we love to be of service, heaven knows we have been the recipients of MUCH generous service this summer so I am glad we could reciprocate.