Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Legend of the BIG "O"

So I am still stuck in Colorado finishing up the never ending Burger King. Hopefully I'll be done and driving home this week. Today Lindzi's dad, Orion, decided that his hip wasn't keeping up with his activities and needed a new one. Imagine that a 70 year old who is more active than most of our friends and also snowmobiles better than them too I'm sure. He is at the hospital as I write this undergoing a full hip replacement surgery and should be "back in the saddle" or snowmobile before the snow flies. Anyone that knows him automatically loves him, if you would like to wish him well, call Lindzi or me and we'll pass on his phone number, he loves to hear from people.


WHIT said...

Oh...Orion. I love that guy! He's like the 'I'll kick the shit outta ya if you hurt her,' dad I never had. Yet still so soft and lovable!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

I love your blog!! You two are so fun and exciting. My blog is like 'Today we went out to eat!' 'Today we played Rock Band!' 'Today I feel fat!' blah blah blah. Anyway dont worry Aaron Casey claims he's off rap but I dont believe that for one second. And He still asks me daily if I am his ninja. I dont know what that means or why I'm telling you that. Maybe it's to provide concrete proof that Casey has not changed a bit since we started dating. (thankfully)