Friday, October 10, 2008

"Movin' to the Country. Gonna Eat a Lotta Peaches"

Sorry, I just couldn't help it.
Ahhhh I love the fall. The best part is canning and bottling so much awesome food from the garden. (No, not my own yet. Maybe next year.) Most people may think this is a boring lackluster chore, but those people obviously haven't ever canned with me and my mom.
So after day of picking FOUR RUBBERMAID BINS FULL of peaches up in Ogden, and one itchy rash-covered drive home, we went crazy.
By the way, a car full of peaches and two yellow labs smells strangely similar to Pizza Hut.

And thanks to Aaron for the awesome apron which was one of my anniversary gifts this year. I think I pretty much wear it every day.

I think the grand total was 62 quarts of peaches. It only stopped there due to lack of jars and we ended up sharing almost half the peaches with friends. Good thing I have an awesome food storage room in the basement. Too bad our food storage only consists of peaches. Oh, and a few potatoes. Do you win anything at the State Fair for stuff like this? I mean besides a ribbon? Nothing against ribbons or anything...


Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Wow Lindzi, impressive. I have never canned. Although I am the first one with my hands out when Casey's Grandma cans. We cant wait to come up to Utah, its been too long!

WHIT said...

You advanced way faster in this blogging thing than I did. Music? How'd you do that?