Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party!

Tonight we had my dad's birthday party at our house. It was our first "family dinner" at the new house. Actually, it was our first family dinner we've hosted ever. Period. I think it went really well!
And the baby didn't destroy anything! THANK GOODNESS!
Nick, Lorena, and Kirsten got here early so we could wrap my dad's HUGE present in old engineering plans from my work which Kirsten helped Aaron color on. -Hey I am just trying to do my part Reduce Reuse and Recycle.-
Kirsten also helped me cut the potatoes. Or is it potatos. Nope, it's definitely potatoes.
All in all it was pretty great. I love my dad SOOOO much and I really don't know what I would do without him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In completely unrelated news, I decorated my front porch for Halloween on Friday.
We have never lived anywhere that we could decorate before so I was really in the dark on how to go about this.
Adding to my decorative awkwardness was the fact that I am an engineer. We don't DO creative. We do math. That explains why everything is geometric and my spider webs look like equilateral triangles.


The Englanders said...

So cute! I love the Halloween decorations...those are awesome. I have yet to get mine out of the garage..ha! Love the doggies! have two whities...we have two funny!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

I totally love that last picture. My decorations are pretty weak. I always have tons of anxiety about having people over. buy I always end up having such a great time. Youre probably much more relaxed than I am.

deek said...

Oh diggles. Check out Kristal started a blog for the baybeeeeeeeeeeee! Lets play very soon. Halloweiner party at the Pantones?

Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...

I love the Halloween decor.. You better have good candy or else I will bring a whole lotta of toilet paper.... I will just go around your house 150 times since you dont have any trees yet.. Muuhhaaaa..
Tell arron to wash his feet once in a while, Geesh!
You lawn looks awsome! Ah green grass..
Love ya lots, Care