Thursday, October 30, 2008


FIRST TIME TAGEE- Thanks Alexis! I feel like I am finally officially a part of the blogging community.

1. My secret dream job is a cake decorator or a doggy daycare. I would love to work for Duff on Ace of Cakes! It looks like so much fun. And they teach a class on it at the community college. Unfortunately the pay probably isn’t that great. But perhaps more realistically I have thought a great deal about an upscale doggy day care for the Park City clientele. Those people LOVE their dogs. I think almost more than their children.

2. I am scared of the dark. Not just scared, more like horrified. This results in Aaron having to fall asleep to Glenn Beck or Jon and Kate + 8 every night. This problem became particularly daunting when Aaron moved away to Colorado. My solution: weapons under the bed. Any weapon will do. One weekend when Aaron and his friends took the guns and went up to a cabin- I resorted to ski poles. Like I said, any weapon will do.

3. I crave tabloids. I can’t help it. I love to read the celebrity gossip. This makes me feel like I know them somehow. Many times I catch myself referring to celebs on a first name basis as though they are my friends. Example: “Honey I saw Kate got a gorgeous new bag today and I totally want one! But I am sure it’s way too expensive for us.” Aaron’s typical response “what are you talking about? Who is Kate???”

4. I have a thing about my food not touching. If I Williams Sonoma carried divided plates that would have been my wedding china for sure. You know the ones I am talking about. I have to be careful what I order in restaurants purposefully choosing dishes where cross-contamination is least likely. As for the old saying “it all goes to the same place”… although it may be true, I’m not buying it.

5. I want to go back to law school. This is much more serious randomness than the cake-decorating thing or the doggy daycare. If we are ever in a position where my income is not necessary I will apply to go back to law school. The words “shoulda been a lawyer” are spoken often in our home. The two most usual instances include: 1. Aaron blurting it out after an argument because I always win; and 2. Me sighing it half-heartedly to myself after a slow day at work.

6. I fall asleep in movie theaters. I do. I cant help it. I have a movie start time threshold of about 6:00 pm. Any movie starting after that is a waste of money for me. I will fall asleep in the trailers, no matter how badly I want to see the movie and how hard I try to stay awake. I am an early to bed early to rise girl, but seriously, this is a bit ridiculous. I used to feel SOOO bad on dates. Poor Aaron doesnt get to see movies in theaters very often. Redbox is a much safer bet for us.

Lets see, I am only on SIX!?!?! Wow, 7 random things are a lot harder to come up with than I thought. Well, 7 interesting things anyway!

7. I pull out my eyebrows when I am anxious or nervous. This is a BAD nervous tick I developed somewhere along the way. I notice it most often when I am sitting at work working on some big project deadline. I will look down and suddenly realize there is a pile of eyebrow hairs on my desk. Or when I am driving in traffic I will feel a pinch and look at my fingers which are then holding several little hairs. I think I get this from my dad.

So there you go Alexis! And anyone else interested in the inner workings of my mind.
I tag Whitney, of course, Carrie for payback, and Ashley. Have fun! :)


Alexis and Casey Treese said...

YAY! Yours is really good! 1st. Doggie Day Care in Park City sounds like an instant money maker. THose dogs collars are more than my entire outfit! 2nd. A weapon under the bed...One time I watched Crime Tv for a week straight and it took me a month to sleep through the night. Casey and I developed a plan...since were in a loft and our room is open and upstairs we'll just start throwing furniture at the intruders.
3rd: Law School? If this counts for anything Casey thinks youre a genius and is very proud of what you do for a living.

On a side note I think well be in Utah the first weekend of December!! Does that work for you guys?

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Oh I forgot... Tabloids. I had a serious addiction. Anytime I was having a problem my dad attributed it to me reading tabloids... Whatever! The problem was my addiction was getting to expensive. You know jonesing for that weekly fix. Its like $100 a month! I quit buying them, now I go to the bookstore and everyone wins... I still get my fix and I save money (which Casey appreciates). Well everyone wins but my dad... He probably thinks I am doomed to a life of misery.
SOrry I leave the LONGEST comments.